This strategic partnership for youth named "Career development of Deaf Young People in Drama" is focused on a target group of 30 deaf participants  from two countries: Romania and Scotland. The partnership will involve three institutions:

1. Solar Bear LTD - Glasgow, Scotland, email:  website: 

2. Asociatia Window Romania - Craiova, email: windoww.romania    website:

3. Teatrul National "Marin Sorescu" - Craiova Romania, email:, website: 

Solar Bear LTD has a high competence in providing specific services to disabled youth and adults and it will provide 15 young people from the target group. Asociatia Window Romania have a high involvement in the formation of the target group and will also provide 15 young deaf people forming the target group. Teatrul National "Marin Sorescu" is a public institution of culture and notoriety in Romania and will be responsible for high-level training of the target group.

The theme of this partnership is the development of high level skills in the theater for 30 young deaf people by holding three workshops organized by the partner institutions. The project objectives consistent with the needs of the target group are: 
The innovation of this project comprises the training and exchange of experiences in the arts for 30 young people with hearing disabilities through the use of techniques and unique programs in partner countries. Young disabled beneficiaries of the project develop personally and professionally, but they can also become role models for young people with hearing disabilities in Europe who do not engage in such activities at their level of performance.