Since 2002 Solar Bear has established itself as a force of change within the arts sector in Scotland and the United Kingdom.



Employing a 360° approach to the arts – working from a strong foundation, creating high quality inclusive performances and forging new pathways on and offline - Solar Bear challenges the mainstream. We provoke society to re-evaluate its expectations.



Solar Bear tell stories that engage with everyone- we believe theatre should be accessible to all. Our exciting and daring artistic ambitions are built on a solid foundation whilst ensuring that there are accessible routes into the arts for the future.  We engender opportunities for those who are marginalised to explore, engage and grow, irrespective of perceived ability. Solar Bear produces new and exciting work that is impactful, makes the invisible visible, brings narratives to life, and sparks positive debate.


The Company

Solar Bear was established in 2002 to create exciting, innovative multidisciplinary theatre to engage with marginalised communities. Our original mission statement was: “With a strong social commitment the aim was to make progress in areas of accessibility, inclusion and integration.” 


Solar Bear has been at the forefront of the debate, leading the way and we have created an extraordinary legacy but there is still so much more to achieve.  Until equalities, inclusivity, diversity and accessibility are fully embraced, Solar Bear will continue to forge a pathway and be an exemplar of best practice.  Our programme always has been and continues to be driven by a need to be of the highest artistic and creative quality.  The more diverse and inclusive our processes are – the more enriched our work is.


Our original mission statement still resonates with the heart, the passion and belief of the company, the landscape within which we operate is changing dramatically and we have been privileged and are excellently placed to be able to respond to those changes.  We want to challenge the “mainstream”, make the invisible visible and give voice to those that feel they have none.


Solar Bear is a Scottish charity and a company limited by guarantee.

Meeting 1 Craiova
Meeting 1 Craiova


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