Workshop 2, Craiova

Curriculum on the development of drama skills for young deaf people and Curriculum on the development of digital skills in producing theatre performances

Workshop 2 was held in mobility 3 ,Craiova, Romania and was a total 49 hours.

Partner 1- WINDOW ROMANIA ASSOCIATION  and Partner 2 - National Theatre "Marin Sorescu"provided trainers and training materials as necessary.

The workshop was attended by 30 young deaf people from the two partner countries .

We continued to work together collaboratively to exchange knowledge and ideas all leading to  further enhance their skills and collaborate towards an agreed theme and the next stage of the programme.  They will also continue to firm up their ideas for their final performance piece.  During this period the group will explore.  They will also begin to develop their understanding of a shared theatrical language that will contribute to the notion of a theatre dictionary which will develop through time and be disseminated in 2017.

The week included some workshops to develop the participants knowledge and understanding of digital skills.  This included ways to develop skills needed in the field of theatrical special effects and theoretical references in the use of software in this area.

At the end of the workshop week there was a sharing at the Theatre Faculty of Craiova of the work created during the week by the partcipants.  The event attracted a remarkable amount of interst and publicity with local newspapers and media.

Visits were made to Targu Jiu the main tourist attractions in the area: Workshop Cristian Topescu, Gate of the Kiss, Table of Silence and Endless Column.

At the end of the week participants presented a sharing of their work.

Each participant is fulfilling their obligations and continuing to work towards achieveing a Youthpass certificate at the end of the project.



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