Workshop 3 – Glasgow, UK

Period : 16.10. 2016-22.10.2016

Course- "Curriculum on the development of drama skills for young deaf people and Curriculum on the development of digital skills in producing theatre performances"

Organizer: The Applicant - SOLAR BEAR Theatre.

The duration :7 days 7 hours / day.

30 young people attended the hearing impaired who had permanent interpreters in sign language

The applicant has provided trainers and training materials necessary.

The curriculum concentrated on achieving training requirements, but also on the general objectives of the project.

They were developed working methods and innovation of new techniques, but the curriculum was focused on content targeting and innovative teaching techniques adapted for people with hearing impairments to develop their skills in theater.

The group will be introduced to the main themes of the working week i.e Inspire, Trust, Unique and Ambition.  Discussion will play an important part in the week. It will allow the participants to express their own views and feelings around these themes whilst encouraging them to be brave and confident in the use of their mother tongue language and how they share it. Practical activities that set challenges around structuring final performance, staging the performance and understanding the technical components required for the final sharing

Practical tasks set to give ownership of performance to learners, including creating own material

The workshop was aimed and developing digital skills, ways to develop the skills required in the production of special effects in theater and theoretical references in the use of software in this field.

The practical activities were different and created challenges around structuring the final performance, performance organization and understanding of the technical components required for the final show. Permanent participants were encouraged to create their own ideas around the themes for the show.

It was conducted at the end of the workshop a theater to seat theater SOLAR BEAR.

There were organized sporting and cultural activities (visit to Edinburgh).

Each participant received Europass certificate.


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