This Example of Good Practice Guide has been designed to act as a template for those involved with young deaf people in theatre and can be used in conjunction with the information, case studies and practical examples from the project “Career Development for Deaf Young People in Drama” held on our website.

“Career Development for Deaf Young People in Drama” was funded by Erasmus+ and spanned over two years.  It brought together young deaf participants from Craiova in Romania and Glasgow in Scotland. 

Workshops held in Glasgow and Craiova with 30 participants of varying backgrounds and levels of ability.  However, they all share a love of theatre and performance and that they communicate using sign language. The approach to learning and teaching was a multi-disciplinary approach including socio-cultural methodology and active learning in various settings using external contributors.  Autonomous team work and peer learning were encouraged so as to enhance and develop skills without the requirement of a didactic style of teaching.  The idea that the creative aspects of the project should be organic in nature was a crucial element of teaching and learning. 

The importance of the young people in finding their own methods and modes of communication, using their own initiative and creativity, styles of assessment and feedback were what encouraged development and for participants to take responsibility for their own learning.  The key aims of the project correlate with the key aims of Youthpass to ensure conformity, with skills and qualities recognised throughout Europe in accordance with the Lifelong Learning strategy.




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